[COMPLETED] How automated vehicles will interact with road infrastructure

This project was a collaboration between QUT, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and the iMOVE CRC.

This project addressed the following research questions:

  • How will existing infrastructure (signage, line markings) affect the major operational capabilities (lane keeping, localisation, hazard signage, etc.) and the reliability of an automated vehicle (AV)?
    How will existing built and signed infrastructure affect the accurate (automation enabling to a few centimetres precision) positioning capability of an automated vehicle?
    What types of infrastructure improvements could address shortcomings identified in this study?
    How will the answer to the above three questions change depending on the technology solution deployed on the automated vehicle, with a primary focus on the spectrum of possible range-based (laser, radar) solutions versus primarily vision-based (MobilEye® for example) solutions?

On-road testing (over 1200 km) was conducted in urban and rural environments in South-east Queensland, using a custom dataset-gathering-vehicle equipped with automated vehicle sensor technologies.

Selected Publications

Final project report and details: https://imoveaustralia.com/news-articles/intelligent-transport-systems/autonomous-vehicles-australian-roads/


QUT final press release: https://www.qut.edu.au/institute-for-future-environments/about/news/news?id=159291


Other Team Members

Other QUT

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

  • Amit Trivedi
  • Miranda Blogg
  • Katharine Mosley