Dorian Tsai

Research Associate

Dorian is currently supporting the development of Peter Corke’s STEM outreach via making machine vision tools more available to the public. Specifically, he is taking Peter Corke’s machine vision toolbox in Matlab, which requires expensive licenses, and converting it into Python, which is open-source, and therefore much more accessible. Recently, he completed his PhD at QUT with Peter Corke, Donald Dansereau and Thierry Peynot. Dorian investigated how to develop 4D light field features and how to exploit them for camera motion and vision-based control for robots. He is particularly interested in aspects of robotic vision, perception systems, virtual reality and space systems.

Dorian received his Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Engineering Science from University of Toronto, Canada, and a double Masters of Science in Space Science & Technology from Lulea Technical University, Sweden, and in Robotics & Automation from Aalto University, Finland through the Erasmus Mundus SpaceMaster program. He completed his Master’s thesis project at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab on autonomous vision-based tether-assisted rover docking. He then worked as a robotics engineer at the Canadian Space Agency for a year, before arriving at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision.