QCR Members Publish Systematic Review on Robotic Vision for Human-Robot Interaction

An impactful and comprehensive survey and review of robotic vision methods has been published in the ACM Transactions of Human Robot Interaction Journal. The 18-month project was collaborated on by several QCR members including Joint Director Distinguished Professor Peter Corke and Adjunct Lecturer Dr Nicole Robinson.

The purpose of the 50+ page systematic review was “to provide detailed insight into underlying emergent research themes pursued by the community, and to explore the trajectory and impact that robotic vision will have on enabling robots to better interact and collaborate with humans.”

The publication has the potential for far reaching impact due and is a first of its kind.

Dr Nicole Robinson explained: “Over 400 references and 3,800+ papers searched – This is the most comprehensive document available on the detailed trends and use cases of real-world robotic vision for human-robot interaction and collaboration”.


Paper reference: Nicole Robinson, Brendan Tidd, Dylan Campbell, Dana Kulić, and Peter Corke. 2023. Robotic Vision for
Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration: A Survey and Systematic Review. ACM Trans. Hum.-Robot Interact. 12, 1, Article 12 (February 2023), 66 pages.