Women in Robotics – Dr Jing Peng

Dr Jing Peng is a Research Fellow in Robotic Surgery at QUT and works in the area of medical and healthcare robotics that focus on ways to help improve the efficiency of surgeons, and in particular in the area of minimally invasive surgery such as arthroscopy.

  1. How do you use robotics in your current work / research?
    In my current research I use robotics with machine learning and computer vision to assist surgeons to achieve higher precision and stability to benefit the patients’ recovery.
  2. What are you currently working on (in the robotic space)?
    I’m currently working on surgical state estimation with machine learning and robotic navigation and guidance with computer vision to aid orthopaedic surgeons in the precise placement of implants in shoulder arthroplasty with Morgan Windsor under the supervision of Prof. Peter Pivonka and Prof. Michael Milford.
  3. What is your favourite thing about doing work in robotics?
    My favourite thing about doing work in robotics is to use robotics to improve the lives of people by making human work safer and more precise, like working on surgical robots which can offer faster recovery and less pain to patients.
  4. Your best achievement (in robotics) to date is?
    I co-invented (with Prof. Zheng Wang, Prof. Zhiqiang Chen and Prof. James Lam) mechanical arm units and surgical robot systems and we’ve received a granted patent for that. We built generations of surgical robot prototypes with 6mm diameter robot arm tiny enough to go through natural orifices with 7 DOF dexterity and large output force.
  5. What is your advice to other women looking to study/work in robotics?
    Follow your passion about robotics and anything is possible.


Jing’s research interests include computer vision, machine learning and robotic surgery. Jing completed her BEng in Measurement, Control Technology and Instruments and her PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Tsinghua University. During her PhD studies, she also carried out research in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of New South Wales as a Professional Practicum student. After graduation from Tsinghua University she worked at the University of Hong Kong as a Post-doctoral Fellow in Surgical Robotics and Soft Robotics. Later she joined QUT as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Design Robotics for Advanced Manufacturing. Jing has several patents granted to her and she has published articles in materials and processing technologies, soft robotics and surgical robotics.