Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grant $290k

Researchers Prof Felipe Gonzalez, Prof Mahen Mahendran, Dr Anthony Ariyanayagam and Dr Ian Weir have been awarded a Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grant of $290K.

Title: Assessment and Resilient Design of Buildings against Bushfires

This project will undertake pre-bushfire assessments of buildings in the Scenic Rim Regional Council. It will first study the buildings damaged in the 2019/20 bushfires, understand why they were damaged, investigate their resilience in future bushfires and propose evidence-based retrofitting solutions. It will conduct detailed surveys of buildings and analyses of building materials in bushfires using advanced drone-based technology and computational heat transfer models together with lab testing and field studies. The project will then be extended to other buildings in bushfire-prone areas. Findings will be disseminated to the community to enable the adaptation of solutions that minimise building damage and enhance community resilience.