Women in Robotics – Ms Kiran Deshmukh

Kiran  has started a Masters of Philosophy with pathway to PhD with Distinguished Prof Peter Corke and Professor Matt Dunbabin. Her thesis topic is Very high-speed dynamic motion planning for manipulator arm robots for logistics tasks.

  1. How do use robotics in your current work / research?
    I am using robotics in my current research using MATLAB/Simulink/Python simulations on 6DoF /7DoF robot models available in MATLAB; and conduct an experimental validation on actual physical 6DoF robot. This research aims to solve a manipulator dynamics problem in logistics pick and place operation, by identification of payload capacity, determine relationship between payload capacity and acceleration for high-speed robot(6/7DoF) to able to travel quickly from point A to B on optimized trajectory path.
  2. What are you currently working on (in the robotic space)?
    I am currently working on research topic – Very high-speed dynamic motion planning for the 6DoF Yaskawa or generic serial-link manipulator arm robot. And in that particularly focused to identify the payload and compute trajectory.
  3. What is your favourite thing about doing work in robotics?
    Solving trigonometric equations, MATLAB/Simulink simulation, vision robotics and addition the sensors on physical robot to designing a feedback controller simulation model
  4. Your best achievement (in robotics) to date is?
    My best and first achievement is my master thesis work, the research paper was selected in North American Manufacturing Conference to present at 44th NAMRC in front of many great researchers. And the paper published in ” Procedia Manufacturing journal. This was my first step in Robotics during my master’s thesis in USA.   I also volunteered and taught undergraduate few lab sessions of vision robotics for FANUC 6 DoF robot during my MS.
  5. What is your advice to other women looking to study/work in robotics?
    Well, I don’t have much advice as each one has their own driving factor.  Only thing I would suggest – passion and perseverance should go hand in hand. Even if you don’t get results first keep trying through other methods, and one should not get demotivated but consider each failed attempt as an opportunity to identify weakness.