QCR's ICRA2022 Accepted Workshops

Congratulations to our PhD students and researchers whose workshops have been accepted to the prestigious IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2022. 

The following workshops have been accepted to date: 

  1. Behaviour Priors in Reinforcement Learning for Robotics Workshop  
  2. Workshop on Agricultural Robotics and Automation 

The Reinforcement Learning workshop is being led by QUT Centre for Robotics PhD student Krishan Rana. This is a superb outcome for Krishan, who will finish his PhD later this year. Several QCR students are also on the Programme Committee. 

The workshop site states: The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers across a variety of domains, including reinforcement learning (RL), robotics and control, to discuss the role that behaviour priors could play in RL. This includes the various ways in which we can learn/model these priors, methods to integrate their experience within the RL framework and their applicability to solving some of the key challenges faced by RL for real-world robotics. 

The workshop accepts contributions from interested researchers in the form of submitted papers and poster presentations.  











The Agricultural Robotics workshop is led by a team of esteemed robotics researchers including QUT Centre for Robotics Chief Investigator Chris Lehnert. 

The workshop site states: This workshop focuses on recent advances in agricultural robotics and automation. The objective is to bring together researchers and practitioners to share ideas and approaches enabling robotic systems in agriculture. The workshop will offer an overview of the state-of-the-art through a series of invited and contributed talks, and discussions among participants will be encouraged to exchange knowledge, brainstorm new ideas, and envision the future of this field. In particular, emphasis will be placed on fostering the link between robotic platforms and domain-specific knowledge from plant sciences for real-world applications.