OpenCV AI Competition Phase 1 Winners!

Congratulations to the QUT Space White Belly Sea Eagles team who were selected University winners in the green region (Region 3 : Europe + Russia + Australasia ( Australia, New Zealand, neighboring islands) for Phase 1 of the “OpenCV AI Competition“.   The team consisted of QUT Robotics researchers Julian Galvez-Serna, Juan Sandino, Nicolas Mandel, Fernando Vanegas Alvarez, and Felipe Gonzalez and their proposal was entitled: Drone based Biosignatures Detection System for Planetary Exploration.

There were 1400+ Submissions that focused on solutions solving real world problems using spatial AI. Phase 1 winners will receive new OpenCV AI Kit D (OAK-D) to solve their challenge areas as and build their solutions during phase 2.

Phase 2 will take place the next three months, till 27 June, and winners will be selected by 12 July 2021 (more prizes!). Good luck in the next stage!