Teaching robots to navigate – we built a zoo

QUT researchers built a virtual zoo to test the ability of robots to navigate real-world environments by seeing if it could track down the king of the jungle by using symbols and an abstract map.

In the study Robot Navigation in Unseen Spaces using an Abstract Map published in the journal IEEE Transactions on Cognitive & Developmental Systems, Dr Ben Talbot and a team of researchers including Feras Dayoub, Peter Corke and Gordon Wyeth, considered how robots might be able to navigate using the same navigation cues that people subconsciously use in built environments.

The researchers programmed an Adept GuiaBot robot with the ability to interpret signs and directional information using the abstract map, a novel navigation tool they developed to help robots navigate in unseen spaces.

The research was supported by the Australian Research Council’s Discovery Projects Funding Scheme.  Find out more: https://medium.com/thelabs/find-the-lion-robotic-navigation-and-wayfinding-2910d4343e45