Spatial distribution

Invasive bird species spreading avian malaria throughout eastern Australia

The invasive Indian Myna threatens bird life in the South East Queensland region through the carrying and potential spreading of avian malaria throughout its range in eastern Australia, according to Griffith University PhD candidate Nicholas Clark. Clark found that up to 40% of Indian Mynas in the South East Queensland region can carry…

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Discovery of new gene may lead to increased spatial range of wheat

Scientists at the University of California, Davis have recently discovered the a fourth gene in wheat responsible for wheat vernalization, the biological process requiring cold temperatures to trigger flower formation. Identification of the newly characterized VRN-D4 gene and its three previously discovered counterpart genes is crucial…

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Distribution and dispersal of invasive species redefining biogeography in Anthropocene

  In a recent study, data on native and invasive ranges of terrestrial gastropod species was used to analyse dissimilarities in species composition among 56 globally distributed regions. it was found that native ranges confirm the traditional biogeographic realms, reflecting natural dispersal limitations. however the distribution of…

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