Myrtle Rust

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Myrtle Rust research continues to receive coverage

Dr Grant Hamilton and Nadine Nolan’s work in to determining the ecological effects of Myrtle Rust continues to receive coverage from various news outlets. The article outlines details of the research, which involves using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to help identify occurrences of myrtle rust at the canopy level. For the full article…

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QASE research recognised

Ecological research carried out by QASE members Dr Grant Hamilton and Nadine Nolan has been recognised by the ABC in a story highlighting the potential dangers of the invasive fungal disease, Myrtle Rust. Research is ongoing and more updates will appear shortly. See the story below for more details or click here for full story…

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Myrtle Rust detected in Tasmania

Earlier this year, Myrtle Rust caused by the fungal species Puccinia psidii s.l., was detected in Tasmania, Australia. Myrtle Rust is currently being studied in south east Queensland by Hamilton Ecology Lab’s very own Nadine Nolan and this could have important implications for her work. More here