Invasive Species

Pressure on Australia's biosecurity system leads to calls for reform

Over the past decade, plant bio-security research funding and management in Australia has been undertaken by the Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre (PBCRC) but this structure is set to expire in 2018. If it’s not replaced, high impact and critical research, development and extension projects could cease, and Australia’s grain…

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Distribution and dispersal of invasive species redefining biogeography in Anthropocene

  In a recent study, data on native and invasive ranges of terrestrial gastropod species was used to analyse dissimilarities in species composition among 56 globally distributed regions. it was found that native ranges confirm the traditional biogeographic realms, reflecting natural dispersal limitations. however the distribution of…

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Novel methods reveal Asian origins of invasive European species

Scientists from the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) have teamed up with colleagues from the Academy of Sciences in Beijing and the Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University to study the ability of Chinese insect and fungal pathogens to colonise European trees. Most recent invasive species found in European…

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