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Western Australia no longer free of fruit fly

Western Australia is no longer able to declare itself free of the damaging and wide spread Queensland fruit fly after an infestation was discovered in Perth’s Albert Cove. 2 Male flies were discovered in the Alfred Cove residential area in surveillance traps on the 18th November whilst another 4 were captured on the 23rd November no more…

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Wheat pathogens causing rust epidemics in Europe have suspected origin in the Himalayan region.

Scientists have found that strains of the wheat pathogen causing severe yellow rust epidemics in Europe have their origin in the centre of diversity in the Himalayan region. It seems that the fungus has been spread by rust spores carried by the wind from Asia to Europe, possibly through the northern part of Central Asia. The yellow rust…

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Distribution and dispersal of invasive species redefining biogeography in Anthropocene

  In a recent study, data on native and invasive ranges of terrestrial gastropod species was used to analyse dissimilarities in species composition among 56 globally distributed regions. it was found that native ranges confirm the traditional biogeographic realms, reflecting natural dispersal limitations. however the distribution of…