Job Opportunity

A Research Associate position is available in the Hydrology Group, which is part of the Water Research Centre in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNSW Australia. The 2 year research position is part of an ARC Linkage Project with DPI Water which will develop a framework for assessing future drought frequency for eastern…

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The power and limitations of weather models

Here at the Hamilton Ecology Lab, we often attempt to represent a real-world system with a model. This could be the effect of weather on organisms, the spread of an invasive plant pathogen or the cyclic nature of predator-prey relationships. Whilst models can help to represent different systems in the environment, it is important to…

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LANDSAT dataset now available online

It is often the case in ecology that for various reasons scientists and researches can struggle to collect enough data. Weather, funding, data quality and resolution, health and safety and accessibility can all impact the data collection phase of any research project. Satellite imagery data can sometimes be difficult to acquire, yet…

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