Statistical Help & Enquiries

As the lead researcher of QASE I work frequently with other researchers and students to develop questions, design experiments and analyse data. While this can get quite time consuming, this assistance isn’t recognised as part of my role by the university. Since I get many such requests I have had to develop some rules for dealing with these while still getting my core work done without too much overtime! Other members of QASE also get requests for assistance, but I should be the first place of contact.

I am usually happy to have a brief chat to discuss your problem – please email me at least a few days in advance ( If more collaboration is required, we can discuss various ways forward. These might include co-authorships on papers that come out of the collaboration, and official supervision of postgraduate students. Consulting is another option that will generally be charged at QUT academic consulting rates.

For postgraduate and honours students within QUT, QASE also runs short introductory courses on the R statistical software.

ABC in ecology

Dr Grant Hamilton and Dr Rune Rasmussen from the Hamilton Ecology Lab have developed the use of Approximate Bayesian Computation in ecology and now offer information on how this can be used to solve ecological problems using ABC.

ABC Rex Software

ABC Rex is a user-friendly computer program for estimating parameters in a range expansion problem. Find out more about ABC Rex.

ABC Rex Publications

Rune Rasmussen and Grant Hamilton. An approximate Bayesian computation approach for estimating parameters of complex environmental processes in a Cellular Automata. Environmental Modelling and Simulation.29(1): 1-10. (