Impacts of Myrtle Rust (Puccinia psidii) on melaleuca quinquenervia and associated faunal species

Nadine is in her final year of her PhD examining the impacts of myrtle rust (Puccinia psidii) on melaleuca quinquenervia and its reliant fauna species. Her study is the first global study to examine myrtle rust impacts in natural ecosystems. Currently her data collection involves measurements of impact scores including severity and incidence on host trees. Data is collected on a monthly basis and impacts scores are correlated to temperature and humidity. Nadine is also recording accoustic data in order to assess faunal effects of myrtle rust on species reliant on melaleuca quinquenervia. Some of her initial results are presented below.

Incidence and severity scores of myrtle rust impacts at Deagon (1), Boondal (2) and Tichi Tamba wetlands (3)


Accoustic spectrogram of a Kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae)