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Pressure on Australia's biosecurity system leads to calls for reform

Over the past decade, plant bio-security research funding and management in Australia has been undertaken by the Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre (PBCRC) but this structure is set to expire in 2018. If it’s not replaced, high impact and critical research, development and extension projects could cease, and Australia’s grain…

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Job Opportunity

A Research Associate position is available in the Hydrology Group, which is part of the Water Research Centre in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNSW Australia. The 2 year research position is part of an ARC Linkage Project with DPI Water which will develop a framework for assessing future drought frequency for eastern…

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Sub 2kg drone law amendments

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), the main body in charge of investigating and regulating air traffic safety, have recently outlined some changes to current rules and regulations surrounding the use of UAV’s for commercial work. This could have important implications for new users. Read here for more…

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Hamilton Ecology Lab memeber gets published in Nature

Hamilton Ecology Lab’s Dr Peter Baxter has very recently received notification that he has been published in Nature Communications scientific journal. This is an amazing achievement by Peter and everyone at Hamilton Ecology Lab congratulates you. Well Done! The published article was made available yesterday and provides an in depth…

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Invasive bird species spreading avian malaria throughout eastern Australia

The invasive Indian Myna threatens bird life in the South East Queensland region through the carrying and potential spreading of avian malaria throughout its range in eastern Australia, according to Griffith University PhD candidate Nicholas Clark. Clark found that up to 40% of Indian Mynas in the South East Queensland region can carry…

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