Dr Rune Rasmussen

    Research Associate and Lecturer

    Email: r.rasmussen@qut.edu.au)
    Position: Research Associate and Lecturer

    Dr Rune Rasmussen

    Rune is a research associate and a lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology. His background is in computer sciences, artificial intelligence and game theory. His current research deals with computational statistics and model simulation applied to problems in ecology. Through this research, he seeks and develops efficient and robust solutions to emerging environmental problems that can be characterised in simulation models and solved using statistical optimisation methods. Approaches in his research have involved models based on differential equations; cellular automata and individual based systems, and has dealt with problems of estimating model parameters through Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods such as Approximate Bayesian Computation.

    Other areas of interest in Rune’s research involve applications of game theory to solving ecological management strategies of pests, spatial expansion modelling and population dynamic estimations of species and mathematical developments of statistical methods.

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