Hamilton Lab memebers' papers accepted!

Dr Grant Hamilton and Dr Peter Baxter, along with collaborator Dr Stephen Parnell in Salford University UK, have had two peer-reviewed papers accepted for the MODSIM (21st International Congress on Modelling and Simulation) conference which takes place on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Nov-Dec 2015. The papers, titled “Fine tuning of unmanned aerial surveillance for ecological systems” and “Quarantine and surveillance strategies for plant pathogen detection and control” are both currently in press and will be made available on the website soon.

In other news, Peter has also been accepted for a poster presentation at the British Ecological Society annual meeting in Edinburgh. Peter will be presenting his poster ” Species detection and population estimation errors from unmanned aerial surveillance” at the meeting on the 13-16 December 2015.

Links to MODSIM conference and the BES meeting can be found below:



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