Surveillance strategies for a weed eradication program

Speaker: Dr Cindy Hauser, Research Fellow, University of Melbourne.

Title: Surveillance strategies for a weed eradication program

Date: 7 July 2017

Abstract: Ecological survey methods typically involve imperfect detection – that is, many of the survey targets are overlooked and not counted for a variety of reasons. This is of particular concern in eradication programs where we need to find every last individual in order to remove them. In this presentation, I’ll show how we have addressed imperfect detection in the hawkweed eradication program in Australia’s Alpine National Park. We use a combination of field experiments, statistical model fitting and mathematical optimisation to advise hawkweed managers how and where to prioritise their efforts. Over the past decade their surveillance program has relied on professional and volunteer visual searchers, trained up sniffer dogs and is now investigating unmanned aerial vehicles.


Start Date: 07/07/2017