R as a GIS: a crash course in open-source cartography and geoprocessing

Speaker: Alan Pearse, QUT.
Title: R as a GIS: a crash course in open-source cartography and geoprocessing

When: 9:00-10:00 Monday 31 July
Where: Z-301, Gardens Point campus

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a cornerstone of any science where broad-scale geographic patterns matter. Ecologists, geologists, and biologists all turn to software like ArcGIS to create maps and to deal with their spatial data for problems like land use classification, ore reserve estimation and species distribution modelling. However, not all scientists or workers in these fields have access to proprietary software or, despite preprocessing their data in a GIS, still call upon other software to perform the final analysis. The open-source community has responded to this problem by extending existing open-source software like the statistical programming language R to allow spatial data analysis and visualisation to be performed in the same, free but well-documented computing environment that is used to do the modelling. This presentation explores R as an unusual but highly functional, open-source GIS with the potential to rival more traditional GIS software. The presentation will be appropriate for both budding and experienced users of GIS.



Location: Z-301, Gardens Point campus
Start Date: 31/07/2017