ConservationAI Network

Cutting-edge technologies to amplify insights drawn from digital surveys of the landscape

The ConservationAI Network has been established for the automated detection of fauna from drones and camera traps, and analysis of vegetation at local and landscape scales. We process data using high-performance computing and AI technology developed by QUT. The ConservationAI Network is a portal for community groups and agencies from all over Australia to leverage top tier infrastructure and expertise. We aim to translate data into knowledge to allow for better decision making so that effective strategies for habitat protection and resilience can be implemented.

The ConservationAI Network allows for the remote upload of drone and camera trap data. We can help design your survey and analyse your data. If you already have data, we can help you process and analyse it, given that data has been collected in an appropriate way. We offer services ranging from automated detection of koalas and other wildlife to vegetation mapping and analysis. We aim to provide a cost-effective service to provide monitoring analysis and design assistance. Find out more about ConservationAI Network.