Posts for August 2015

Capstone Students Join Hamilton Ecology Lab

Three bright young students currently finishing their undergraduate environmental science degrees have joined the Hamilton Ecology Lab as capstone students for 2015. Sam, Lille and Russ will be working on a project together looking at the potential of infrared thermography as a tool for minimising errors in detection and identification…

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2011 Senate inquiry inaccurate and spatially bias.

A new report titled Saving our national icon: An ecological analysis of the 2011 Australian Senate inquiry into status of the Koala, has cast doubt over the findings of a 2011 senate inquiry into the status, health and sustainability of Australia’s Koala population. The full article can be found here.

Jessie Mckee receives 1st Class Honours

Hamilton Ecology Lab member Jessie Mckee recently received a 1st class honours mark for her recent project into detection of cryptic species using thermal imaging. Jessie did a great job and is also the recipient of an APA scholarship meaning that she is all set for a PhD if she chooses to continue her academic career. From everyone at…

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