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Unmanned Aerial Systems continue to prove valuable for farmers

Farmers continue to see the value of using unmanned aerial systems for monitoring and surveillance processes that have traditionally required several people to undertake. A recent UAS workshop in Cordova, Maryland has seen a large agricultural contingency quickly identify several applications for these systems. More here

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Wheat pathogens causing rust epidemics in Europe have suspected origin in the Himalayan region.

Scientists have found that strains of the wheat pathogen causing severe yellow rust epidemics in Europe have their origin in the centre of diversity in the Himalayan region. It seems that the fungus has been spread by rust spores carried by the wind from Asia to Europe, possibly through the northern part of Central Asia. The yellow rust…

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Private Pilots Licence Success

Jim Eldridge from Hamilton Ecology Lab along with Gavin Broadbent and Dmitry Bratanov from the Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation (ARCAA) QUT have recently sat and passed the Private Pilots licence theory exam following a three week study course held at Aviation Australia, Brisbane. This qualification represents a…