Posts for May 2015

Detection of Laurel Wilt Disease in Avocado Using Low Altitude Aerial Imaging

The laurel wilt pathogen is threatening Avocado crops of Florida, US, which provide a $100 million-a-year economic impact to the state, but new camera images can give growers a jump-start on the disease. A recent study has shown the effectiveness of a low cost camera in succesfully detecting and discriminating between healthy and laurel…

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Hyenas experts at social networking

Hamilton Ecology Lab’s Dr Rune Rasmussen has recently been working on network analysis, showing how and why relationships form between different individuals among and within groups. This type of analysis can be particularly beneficial in the field of ecology as scientists seek to uncover the relationships that drive social patterns in…

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LANDSAT dataset now available online

It is often the case in ecology that for various reasons scientists and researches can struggle to collect enough data. Weather, funding, data quality and resolution, health and safety and accessibility can all impact the data collection phase of any research project. Satellite imagery data can sometimes be difficult to acquire, yet…

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Dogs and Drones!

In a novel use of technologies, unmanned aerial vehicles are being used in conjunction with trained canines to help detect and eraidcate a damaging fungus of avocado trees spread by the redbay ambrosia beetle. For more information click here.

Infrared Camera Arrives!

Hamilton Ecology Lab Honours student Jessie Mckee has just received a vital piece of equipment for her ongoing project which looks at detecting cryptic species using thermal imagery. Jessie has already been busy getting familiar with the brand new IPI-R9 Infrared Camera in preparation for her upcoming field work and data collection. The…

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