Three New PhD Scholarships Available

Planetary Surface Exploration researchers have annouced three PhD scholarships for projects focused on the intersection human-computer interaction, geoscience and astrobiology.

This project will strengthen Australia’s international standing working with remote sensing data and help overcome the barriers that distance creates for Australian scientists and educators. In the context of distributed geoscience teams of multinational experts, it will develop new interaction tools and approaches that will improve scientific inquiry and explorations. The initial focus will be on determining how scientists conduct collaborative field-work, and allowing them to perform in-situ collaborations remotely in an immersive environment using VR/AR technology. This will make geological research cheaper, better and more accessible for Australian stakeholders in business (e.g. mining, space exploration). In education, such “virtual field trips” will engage students in 21st century learning experiences that were previously inaccessible, and prepare them for the future of scientific collaborations. Building on growing expertise and capacity in immersive technologies at a national and international level, this project will enhance Australia’s ability to become a global leader in developing immersive scientific technologies.

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