Quality of Care Collaborative Australia (QuoCCA)

Project dates: 07/08/2017 - Ongoing

The Quality of Care Collaborative Australia 2, (2017-2020) follows the successful completion of QuoCCA 1 (2014-2017). The project purpose is to achieve service quality improvement in paediatric palliative care in acute and community settings, through education, research and evaluation within a quality framework.

The project is a consortium of national tertiary paediatric palliative care services formed to raise awareness of and enhance and improve access to high quality care for paediatric patients requiring palliative and end of life care, and their families, across all Australia states and territories; in urban, rural, regional and remote settings. The project will develop and share a body of knowledge to raise awareness of the benefits of timely referral to paediatric palliative care services.

Education will be delivered via ‘pop-up’ and scheduled education throughout Australia and the development of resources and other education initiatives. There will also be opportunities for Medical Fellows to gain experience in specialist paediatric palliative care services at three (3) sites in New South Wales and Queensland. In Queensland, Nurse Practitioners will also have an opportunity to rotate through the specialist service.

The project will build and enhance research and data collection capacity within the sector through education of health professionals working in the sector to undertake data collection and research and how to evaluate and enhance the quality of their services.

For details of planned events or education requests, please contact the National Project Manager, Susan Johnson who can refer your enquiry to the appropriate contact in each State, tel: (07) 3068 4699.

Funding / Grants

  • National Palliative Care Projects (funded by the Australian Department of Health) (2017 - 2020)