Chair, Biomedical Engineering
Director, Medical Engineering Research Facility
Head, Photonics and Mechanics of Biomedical Materials
Queensland University of Technology

Associate Honorary Professor
University of Oxford

Cameron Brown is an engineer with a research interest in the structure-property-function relationships in biomedical materials and systems. As Director of QUT’s Medical Engineering Research Facility, he is actively involved the development and translation of frontier technologies to medicine.

Professor Brown studied at QUT in Brisbane, Australia, and was awarded the University’s Outstanding Thesis prize for his PhD in 2008. He then joined the Italy-Québéc Joint Laboratory in Nanostructured Materials for Energy, Catalysis and Biomedical Applications, working in Rome and Montreal. As a FRSQ Fellow, he led an investigation into spider silk nanomechanics, particularly toughening mechanisms related to protein-water interactions, protein distribution and fibril interactions. In addition to its outstanding mechanical properties, the green chemistry and scalability of spider silk synthesis provide an excellent biomimetic target for the development of biomaterials and other high performance fibre-based materials.

From 2010 to 2017 he worked at the Botnar Research Centre, University of Oxford most recently as Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering and Materials. Supported by an ARUK Career Development Fellowship and a NIHR-BRC Senior Fellowship he set up and led the Photonics, Mechanics and Modelling of Biomedical Materials Group. In this time he was also the Oxford lead for the Marie Curie skelGEN Project, the image analysis lead for the 7-Tesla MSK Imaging Programme, and the engineering lead for the ARUK Experimental Osteoarthritis Treatment Centre.

Recently returned to Australia, Professor Brown is currently setting up a new programme of basic research in the physics and engineering of biomedical materials, and working to build an institute for future medicine at QUT and the Prince Charles Hospital.


PhD Students

Vicky Cartwright: Nano- to meso-scale electromechanics in collagen, and the potential for application

Julian David Feria Mosquera: Exploring the self-healing properties of spider silk

John Griffin: Glare reduction via light fields

Ying Ting How: Spider silk nanomechanics and its link to fibre mechanics via group interaction modelling

Minrui (Gerard) Hua: Microrocket control systems for biomedical application

Ahmad (Bobby) Khezrinassab: Ultrasonic wave packets and their energy exchange with tissues

Chijioke Raphael Onyeagba: Mechanistic exploration of nanostructure with bacteria


Research Assistants

David Sutton: Nonlinear optics and optomechanical control

Jayden Tye: Microrocket thrust enhancement