The group has an extensive list of collaborators across many disciplines and countries. These collaborations encompass medicine, biology, engineering and the natural sciences.

Prof. Eamonn Gaffney (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford)
Prof. Jon Whitely (Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford)
Prof. Lora Ramunno (Department of Physics, University of Ottawa)
Dr Vaclav Klika (Department of Mathematics, FNSPE, Czech Technical University in Prague)
Dr Minsi Chen (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Derby)

Prof. Francois Legare (INRS-EMT)
Prof. Lora Ramunno (Department of Physics, University of Ottawa)

Prof. Andreas Ruediger (INRS-EMT)
Prof. Joe Wang (UCSD)

Nanostructured materials
Prof. Federico Rosei (INRS-EMT)
Prof. Marika Schleberger (Department of Physics, University Duisburg-Essen)
Dr Henning Lebius (CIMAP/GANIL)
Dr Jennifer MacLeod (Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT)

Prof. Andrew Price (NDOMRS, University of Oxford)
Prof. Andrew Carr (NDORMS, University of Oxford)

Dr Daniela Pankova (University of Oxford)
Dr David Musson (Department of Medicine, University of Auckland)

Dr Marco Domingos (Manchester Biomanufacturing Institute, University of Manchester)
Dr Vitor Correlo (3B’s, University Minho)

Spider silk
Prof. Fritz Vollrath (Zoology, University of Oxford)
Prof. Federico Rosei (INRS-EMT)
Dr Joanne Macdonald (Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of the Sunshine Coast)
Prof. Silvia Licoccia (Faculty of Science, University of Rome II)
Prof. Enrico Traversa (Faculty of Science, University of Rome II)