We are currently recruiting students at PhD level, with a focus on biomedical engineering, physics, and materials. Students from all areas of engineering, physics, materials and mathematics are eligible to apply.

You will be able to develop in-depth knowledge, understanding and expertise in your chosen field of research. Technical development will be coupled with professional and personal development towards an academic or research and development career. You will benefit from access to flexible and bespoke experimental facilities, high level scientific expertise, access to a range of local and international collaborators, and world-class facilities including QUT’s Central Analytical Research Facility and the Medical Engineering Research Facility at the Prince Charles Hospital.

Key research projects include:

  • nano/micro-rocket technologies for medicine
  • exploring and mimicking the structure-property-function relationships in spider silk
  • exploring and translating spider silk production pathways
  • understanding, exploiting, and recreating the phenomenal properties of collagen
  • evolutionary convergence for translational biomimicry
  • development of a novel 3D metal printing technology
  • new generation componentry and control for medical robotics

For further information, contact Prof. Brown: cp.brown@qut.edu.au