Professor Cameron Newton

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PhD (University of Queensland), BA (Hons) (Psychology) (University of Queensland), BCom (Griffith University)

Cameron commenced his professional life in the finance services sector where he held various management positions following completion of a Bachelor of Commerce in 1991. He worked in the fields of finance and investment consultancy for 9 years before completing his PhD in organisational psychology at The University of Queensland. Cameron joined The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies as a Senior Research Fellow in 2005 and the School of Management as a Senior Lecturer in 2010. Cameron is actively involved in research related to stress, organisational culture, identification, and organisational effectiveness with a particular focus on employee wellbeing. Cameron is also actively involved in objective measurement of strain and health, in particular, heart rate variability. Cameron was the founder of the People and Performance Research Group in 2012 at the QUT Business School which focusses on the HRM-performance relationship. He is also the recipient of more than 40 small and large external grants totalling over $2.6M, including three Australian Research Council Linkage Grants totalling over $1.15M.
Cameron is both a registered psychologist and a supervisor for the Psychology Board of Australia, overseeing the practice of probationary psychologists. Cameron is regularly invited to speak at industry and professional events relating to issues such as employee stress and performance, governance, and other human resource management issues. Cameron’s supervision of research higher degree students includes:

  • Exploring organisational culture and employee change attitudes in nonprofit human service organisations
  • Organisational identities and internal communications in public sector shared service arrangements
  • Knowledge management in federated organisations
  • Organisational culture and values and their impact on program evaluation in Australian philanthropic foundations
  • Organisational value congruence in mergers and acquisitions
  • Heart rate variability and stress in decision making
  • Scale development to assess nonprofit governance effectiveness