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Young people in the office
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Yes Ita, younger workers might actually be less resilient. But all workers should be thanked

A new Insights article published from The Conversation by Peter O’Connor addresses whether young people are less resilient than previous generations at the same age or whether older people are holding negative stereotypes. Read More

introvert hiding behind a large leaf
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Introverts are speaking up about things they wish extroverts would understand

Andrew Spark discusses the link between introversion and leadership and the differences in how introverts perceive social interaction, which may result in disengaging in behaviours that could assist moving into leadership roles. Read more at

Empty shelves from panic buying
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Disagreeability, neuroticism and stress: what drives panic buying during the COVID-19 pandemic

Peter O’Connor, Jeromy Anglim and Luke Smillie discuss panic buying in the wake of Victoria’s spike in COVID-19 and what motivates it. Read more in the republished Insights article from The Conversation

Female researcher
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Not all doom and gloom: even in a pandemic, mixed emotions are more common than negative ones

New data reveals it’s surprisingly rare for a person to experience purely negative emotions.  More commonly, people are experiencing mixed emotions, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Insights article authored by by Luke Smillie, Jeromy Anglim, Kate A. Barford and Peter O’Connor explains more…