This project employed a number of qualitative participatory methods, including videos, interviews, workshops, and participatory visual activities.

The workshop activity is focused on journey mapping the palliative care experience and involves separate workshops for staff and bed-side workshops for users of inpatient palliative care services. The workshops incorporated participatory visual activities such as photography and drawing.

Semi-structured interviews with volunteers were focused on capturing their experiences and perspectives of providing emotional support and care to palliative care patients within the hospital setting.

Engagement with Staff: Co-Design Workshop

In April 2021, 13 clinicians and service staff from across St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane (SVPHB) and community palliative care came together for a fast-paced two-hour workshop to share their knowledge, experience, and aspirations for Palliative Care from the perspective of both the hospital, and the community care experience. Over the course of the workshop, participants engaged in several different design-based research activities which were specifically tailored and aimed at encouraging wild ideas, uncovering perceived barriers to change, and developing practical solutions for improving the palliative care journey for patients and their families.

Patient Engagement: Bedside Workshops 

In late 2021, the research team conducted a total of 6 bedside workshops with palliative care in-patients. 4 were solo interviews, and 2 included a family member. While all the participants willingly agreed to participate, all of them were frail and therefore only wanted to have a conversation.

The portraits taken in this project by team member and multi-disciplinary artist Sam Regi, build off a portfolio of work which documents the complexity of living grief. Other examples of Sam’s work, including the long-term partnership with Hummingbird House informing the project called My Little Sunshine, can be viewed at the following link: 




Volunteer Engagement: Semi-structured Interviews

The research team conducted semi-structured interviewes with two long-term volunteers: Colin Apelt and Claude Tranchant on Tuesday the 16th of February 2021 at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. In this interview, Apelt – who has volunteered for nearly 20 years, and Tranchant for 15 years, reflected on their experience, their approach, and what motivates them. The interview was edited into a 4:15min video to screen at the exhibition.


Final Report

For a full overview of the research methods and findings,  please download a copy of the final report:

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