Case Studies

Case Studies

Building healthy communities is a task that obviously takes time and isn’t something that happens over night. It’s important to take research-based action that will help guide other communities to follow suit. Which is why case studies provide such a useful tool in helping showcase healthy community action.  Here we provide some case studies to help guide future healthy communities action in Queensland.


Age friendly built environments

This project aimed to help build capacity of the design industries to incorporate  principles of shade, accessible footpaths and seating to help build age friendly local environments. This case study was performed by our sister team at Cool and Covered. You can read more here.


Age friendly health services

“Our Voice” is a citizen science program of research that specifically targeted older adults as environmental change agents to improve their own health and well-being as well as that of their communities. This case study was performed by researchers independent of Building Healthy Environments. You can read more here.