QUT researchers leading Australia's battery industries future

Picture of yellow batteries.

QUT researchers are leading the future of the Australian battery industries.

Associate Professor Maggie Gulbinska and Dr Joshua Watts are leading two major projects funded by the Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FBI CRC); Electrochemical Testing of Li-ion Battery Materials in Standard Cell Formats (A/Prof Maggie Gulbinska) and Establishment of the National Battery Testing Centre (Dr Joshua Watts).

A recent Accenture report commissioned by the FBI CRC found that Australia’s battery industries, currently worth $1.3 billion and encompassing 6,000 jobs, could be worth $7.4 billion, and include 34,700 jobs by 2030, by diversifying battery industries across the whole of the value chain.

“The FBICRC is creating and connecting the battery value chain in Australia, from mining and manufacturing to final use,” Dr Watts says. “The end goal is for Australian manufacturers to use Australian resources to make batteries in Australia.

“The National Battery Testing Centre is battery-agnostic – we’re creating the infrastructure required to test, certify and optimise all of the new battery types that are going to be made in Australia, and coming into Australia from overseas, as demand for batteries increases over the next decade.”

Read the full story by the Brisbane-based energy technology company Vaulta at the Vaulta Newsroom.

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