Past seminars

Past 2018 events

23 January 2018
Multicomponent Metal-Organic Frameworks
Prof Shane Telfer, MacDiarmid Institute of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, Institute of Fundamental Sciences, Massey University, New Zealand

30 January 2018
Engineering for Life Sciences: From Supramolecular DNA-protein Constructs to Machine-assisted Miotechnology
Prof. Christof Niemeyer, Institute for Biological Interfaces KIT

5 February 2018
Research, Invention and Innovation – Technology Management in a Chemical Company
Dr. Friedrich-Georg Schmidt, Evonik Industries, Creavis

Prof. Tanja Weil, Director MPIP Mainz:

  • 6 February: Perspectives in Polymer Materials Design and Synthesis
  • 12 February: Nanodiamonds – Emerging Quantum Materials and Medicine
  • 13 February: Biotemplated Polymer Synthesis
  • 19 February: Chemical Engineering of Protein Hybrids for Therapy
  • 23 February: Grand Challenge Lecture, Bioenabled Polymer Synthesis

26 February 2018
The Dynamic Chemistry of Orthoesters
Professor Max von Delius, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Advanced Materials, University of Ulm, Germany

21 March 2018
Manufacturing carbon nanomaterials in membrane configuration for harvesting of metal salts, pharmaceuticals and biomaterials
Julius Motuzas, University of Queensland

28 March 2018
Understanding ultrafast photophysical and chemical processes of molecules
Dr Andreas-Neil Unterreiner, KIT

8 May 2018
Photochemical reactions for development of light-responsive hydrogels in biomaterials engineering
Dr Vinh X Truong, Monash University

21 May 2018
How does a jet engine break?
Dr Veronica Gray, QUT Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

24th May 2018
Distinguished Visitor Lecture:  Large Area Flexible Electronic Skin
Professor Ravinder Dahiya, University of Glasgow

4 June 2018
Orthogonal/Dynamic Bonding in Polymer Materials.  A Synergy of Dynamic Character and Mechanical Stability
Assistant Professor Dominik Konkolewicz, Miami University

9 July 2018
Polymer/colloidal surface assemblies:  Towards multi-scale optical materials
Professor Andreas Fery, Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research, Germany

20 July 2018
Prediction, Theory, Discovery, Properties, and Prospects of Carbon Nanothreads
Professor Vin Crespi, Distinguished Professor of Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State University

30 July 2018
Distinguished Visitor Lecture:  From Self-assembly to the Origin of Life
Professor Pall (Palli) Thordarson University of New South Wales (UNSW)

7 August 2018
Oxygen Tolerant Polymerisations for Biosensing and Biomaterial Design
Dr Robert Chapman Centre for Advanced Macromolecular Design, and the Australian Centre for Nanomedicine – School of Chemistry – UNSW Sydney

30 August 2018
Catalysis in action: from making of polymers to breaking of hydrocarbons
Dr Shiju Raveendran (University of Amsterdam)

5 September 2018
Designing novel materials: from composites to metamaterials

Assistant Professor Jinkyu Yang (The University of Washington)

10 September 2018
Advanced spectroscopy to understand acid-based and redox functions of industrially relevant catalysts

Professor Michael Stockenhuber (The University of Newcastle)

12 September 2018
Advanced functional materials for sustainable energy storage technologies

Dr Deepak Dubal (The University of Adelaide)

17 September 2018
Towards solar energy everywhere for everyone

Dr Doojin Vak (CSIRO Manufacturing)

22 October 2018
Side-chain engineering and self-assembly in high performance organic semi-conductors for organic solar cells
Dr David Jones (The University of Melbourne)

23 October 2018
Distinguished Visitor Lecture – Responsive Molecular Switching Coordination Polymers
Dr Suzanne M Neville (University of NSW)

7 November 2018
Distinguished Visitor Lecture – Engineering cell factories for assembly of functional materials
Professor Bernd Rehm (Griffith University)

16 November 2018
Quinones:  synthons and endpoints in bioactive natural products total synthesis
Associate Professor Matthew Piggott (University of Western Australia)

22 November 2018
Nitroxide Radical Chemistry in Polymer Synthesis and Material Applications
Dr Zhongfan Jia (University of Queensland)

7 December 2018
Organic Solar Cells, a commercial reality from lab to fab
Associate Professor Guillaume Wantz (Institut Universitaire de France)

14 December 2018
Recent advances in two-dimensional crystal research: noble metal chalcogenides, topological 2D polymers and …back to the 3rd dimension
Professor Thomas Heine (Theoretical Chemistry, TU Dresden, Germany)

19 December 2018
The Molecule-2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Interface
Professor Andrew Wee (National University of Singapore)

2017 events

23 October 2017
Helium Ion Microscopy: From Ion Solid Interactions to Real World Applications at QUT
Dr Annalena Wolff (QUT Central Analytical Research Facility)

9 October 2017
Light Induced Reactions as a Powerful Tool for Creating Functional Materials
Dr Eva Blasco (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

5 October 2017
Manipulating controlled radical polymerization to access advanced materials
Dr Athina Anastasaki (University of California)

11 September 2017
Ligation chemistry for the synthesis of ‘ideal networks’
Associate Professor Leonie Barner (QUT Central Analytical Research Facility)

28 August 2017
From Battery Material Design to Pilot Scale Manufacture
Professor Jose Alarco (QUT)

31 July 2017
Computational Discovery and Design of Nanomaterials with First-Principles Quantum Mechanics
Assoc Prof Aijun Du (QUT)

17 July 2017
From a mass spectrum to a handheld selective sensor for explosives
Prof Paul Burn (Centre for Organic Photonics & Electronics, University of Queensland)

13 March 2017
Plasma-Synergistic Effects: Catalysing Collaborations From Energy To Health
Prof Ken Ostrikov (QUT)

27 March 2017
Organic Electronic Devices and Real World Applications
Dr Soniya Yambem (QUT)

10 April 2017
Light Driven Soft Matter Materials Design
Prof Dr Christopher Barner-Kowollik

8 May 2017
New methods for point-of-care diagnotistic methods and their translation into the clinic
Muhammad Shiddiky (Griffith University)

22 May 2017
Materials consideration in solar thermal power plants
Geoff Will (QUT)

5 June 2017
State-of-the-art methods of in situ microscopy for nanomaterial property analysis
Prof Dmitri Golberg (QUT)