While past societies depended on stone or bronze or iron, today, silicon and polymers are supporting and transforming the world. Materials science and engineering investigates how to characterise and analyse existing materials and to design and optimise new materials. Materials science and engineering integrates concepts and techniques from many disciplines, including chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, information sciences and mathematics.

In QUT’s Science and Engineering Faculty there are three broad areas of materials research – nanomaterials, surface engineering and molecular materials.

This research is supported by the Institute for Future Environment‘s (IFE) focus on manufacturing with advanced materials, which aims to bring transdisciplinary researchers, industry and government together to discover and design more efficient and sustainable materials for diverse applications.

QUT offers specialist facilities, including the IFE Central Analytical Research Facility (CARF) for materials characterisation and IFE Banyo Pilot Plant for large scale engineering research. Computer modelling is also combined with highly specialised lab equipment to allow precise design of advanced materials for specific purposes.