Professor Paul Kirkbride

    BSc, BSc(Hons) and PhD, all from the University of Adelaide and all in the field of chemistry, in particular organic chemistry.

    I have been involved in forensic science as a forensic chemist in one capacity or another since 1985. My first placement was at Forensic Science SA where I worked as a toxicologist, illicit drugs analyst, clandestine drug lab investigator and a trace evidence examiner. I then moved into management and became, over time, the supervisor of the chemistry group, the quality manager and finally the Assistant Director-Science, a position where I was responsible for management of quality, information systems and research.

    In 2006 I took up a position with the National Institute of Forensic Science in Melbourne as the Manager of Business Programs. In that role my responsibilities were to initiate and manage forensic science research projects on a national basis.

    In 2008 I commenced as Chief Scientist with the Forensic and Data Centres portfolio of the Australian Federal Police, a position where I was again responsible for research management and quality management.