Mahnaz Davoudzadeh Gholami


    Academic Qualifications

    • Master OF Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry- Shahid Beheshti University- Tehran, Iran
    • B.S Applied Chemistry, Department of Chemistry- K.N.Toosi University of Technology- Tehran, Iran


    Research Interests

    Synthesis of organic compound such as organic colorants, Dichromophoric dyes and Photochromic Dyes. Investigation their properties and application different fields consisting of biochemistry, fluorescence probes and colorimetric sensors, metal ion capture, and solvatochromic effects.


    QUT postgraduate research award (QUTPRA)

    Significant Publications

    • Gholami M.D., Theiss F., Sonar P.M., Ayoko G, E.L Izake, (2020) Rapid and selective detection of recombinant human Erythropoietin in human blood plasma by a sensitive optical sensor. Analyst, 145, 5508-5515.
    • Gholami M.D., Sonar P., Ayoko G, E.L Izake, (2020) A SERS Quenching Method for the Sensitive Determination of Insulin. Drug Test Anal. 1-6.
    • Gholami M.D., Sonar P., Ayoko G, E.L Izake, (2020) A highly sensitive SERS quenching nanosensor for the determination of Tumor necrosis factor alpha in blood. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 310(1), 127867.
    • Gholami M.D., Manzhos S., Sonar P., Ayoko G, E.L Izake, (2019) Dual Chemosensor for the Rapid Detection of Mercury (II) Pollution and Biothiols. Analyst,144, 4908-4916.
    • Nourmohammadian F, Gholami M.D., Abdi. A.A., (2015) Determination of Vaporous Aliphatic Amines by Colorimetric Responses of a Molecular Receptor Based on Azobenzothiazole-Polyene Dye. IEEE Sensors, 15(11), 6485-6490.
    • Nourmohammadian F, Gholami M.D., (2012) Synthesis of Fluorescent Dichromophoric Benzothiazole-Based Polyenes. Letters in Organic Chemistry. 9(10) 720-731.
    • Nourmohammadian F, Gholami M.D., (2012) Two Novel Push_Pull Series of Benzothiazole-Based Dyes: Synthesis and Characterization, Helvetica Chimica Acta, (95), 1548-1555.

    Projects (Chief investigator)