Joshua Carroll

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    Project Title

    Comparison of Stand-off Raman Spectroscopy Techniques for the Detection of Concealed Explosives

    Scholarships and Awards

    Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship (APA)

    Journal Articles

    • Hughes, Stephen W., Cowley, Michael, Powell, Sean, & Carroll, Joshua (2015) The atmospheric extinction of light. European Journal of Physics, 37(1), 015601.
    • Hughes, Stephen W., Hosokawa, Kazuyuki, Carroll, Joshua, Sawell, David, & Wilson, Colin (2015) In the red shadow of the Earth. Physics Education, 50(6), pp. 741-749.
    • Hughes, Stephen W., Powell, Sean K., Carroll, Joshua, & Cowley, Michael (2015) Parallax in the park. European Journal of Physics, 36(6), pp. 1-9.
    • Carroll, Joshua A., Izake, Emad L., Cletus, Biju, & Jaatinen, Esa (2015) Eye-safe UV stand-off Raman spectroscopy for the ranged detection of explosives in the field. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 46(3), pp. 333-338.
    • Carroll, Joshua & Hughes, Stephen W. (2013) Using a video camera to measure the radius of the Earth. Physics Education, 48(6), pp. 731-735.

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