Professor Jamie Quinton

    BSc(Hons) PhD MAIP MInstP CPhys

    Jamie obtained his PhD from the University of Newcastle in 2001 working in the area of organosilane coatings for corrosion protection of various metal oxide surfaces, focussing on the mechanisms and oscillatory kinetics of self-assembly. From 2000-2001 he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Laboratory for Surface Modification, Rutgers University (NJ, USA) working with Professor Ted Madey, leading his group’s synchrotron research (at Brookhaven National Laboratory) and collaborating with students and postdocs on various surface science projects (primarily on faceting of atomically rough surfaces for catalytic conversion applications). He then returned to Newcastle in 2002 to perform more research and present some lectures as a casual academic, before being appointed as a Lecturer in Nanotechnology/Physics/Chemical Physics at Flinders in 2003, promoted to Senior lecturer in 2006, Associate Professor in 2009, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) of the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences (2010-2016) and Professor in 2014. As a Research Leader in the Flinders Centre for Nanoscale Science and Nanotechnology, his research focus at Flinders is in the area of surface modification to produce nanostructures, particularly with plasma environments. He is a passionate, life-long learner who wants to apply science toward solving real world problems. He is pursuant of all aspects of Science – Physics and Chemistry in particular – be it in teaching or research.