Dr Daniel Kantanka Sarfo

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    Area of expertise

    Nano material fabrication and analysis of toxicants

    Area of research

    Development of analytical methods for the detection of toxicants

    Journal Articles

    • K. Sarfo, A. Sivanesan, E.L. Izake and G.A. Ayoko (2017). Rapid detection of mercury contamination in water by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy. RSC Advances7(35), pp.21567-21575.
    • K. Sarfo, E.L. Izake, A.P. O’Mullane and G.A. Ayoko (2017). Molecular recognition and detection of Pb (II) ions in water by aminobenzo-18-crown-6 immobilised onto a nanostructured SERS substrate. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical. (0925-4005), 255 , p. 1945
    • K. Ahialey, E.A. Kaka, D. Denutsui, R. K. Yankey, E. Quarshie, D.K. Sarfo, D.K. Adotey and S. Enti-Brown (2014). Evaluation of metal composition of phosphate fertilizers in Ghana. Global Advanced Research Journal of Agricultural Science. Vol. 3(6) pp. 152-157.
    • Sarfo D.K, Anim A.K, Baidoo I. K, Opata N.S, Kwarteng I, Ameyaw F, Serfor-Armah Y. (2013). Sewage impact on metal accumulation in sediments and fish (Clarias gariepinus) from the University of Cape Coast community and its environs. Journal of Environmental Science and Water Resources. Vol. 2(6), pp. 191 – 197.
    • K. Sarfo, E. Quarshie, E. K. Ahialey, Dzifa Denutsui, E.A. Kaka, R. K. Yankey and D.K. Adotey (2012). Levels of metals in commercially available tea from some selected markets in Ghana. Elixir Food Science 53, 12165-12168.
    • Kaka, E. A., Akiti T.T., Nartey, V.K., Ahialey, E. K., Anim, A., Sarfo, D.K. (2012). Trace element constraints on the origin and evolution of groundwater from southwestern periphery of the Volta Lake, Ghana. Elixir Geoscience 49; 9752-9760.
    • K. Baidoo, D. K. Sarfo, L. A. Sarsah, M. K. Appenteng,  E. A. Kaka, N. S. Opata and Y. Serfor-Armah (2012). Assessment of metal contamination in an urban drainage system (using water and tilapia, Oreochromis spp.) in view of human health effect. A case study of some selected communities in Cape Coast township in Ghana. J Radioanal Nucl Chem. DOI 10.1007/s10967-012-1750-x.
    • B. Kudu, S. Osae, A. A. Golow, D.K. Sarfo and I.K. Kwarteng (2012). Water quality assessment of the Densu River: studies on physicochemical parameters and nutrients Elixir Pollution 45 7999-8003.
    • Sarfo D.K., K. Gyamfi K., Ampomah-Amoako E., Nyarko B.J.B., Serfor-Armah Y. and Akaho E.H.K. (2011). Studies on the mineral composition of the leaves of Graviola plant, Annona Muricata, from some selected municipalities in Ghana by Activation Analysis Elixir food Science 41, 5676-5680
    • Gyamfi K, Sarfo D.K, Ampomah-Amoako E., Nyarko, B.J.B., Serfor-Armah, Y and Akaho E.H.K (2011). Assessment of Elemental content in the fruit of Graviola plant, Annona Muricata, from some selected communities in Ghana by instrumental neutron activation analysis. Elixir food Science 41, 3286-3292
    • K. Appenteng, A. A. Golow, D. Carboo,  D. Adomako,  M. S. Hayford,  A. K. K. Yamoah, D. Saka and D. K. Sarfo (2011). Multi-element analysis of Ghanaian crude oils by instrumental neutron activation analysis. J Radioanal Nucl Chem. DOI 10.1007/s10967-012-1632-2.
    • Duodu G.O., Anim, A. K., Serfor-Armah, Y. and Sarfo, D.K. (2011). Assessment of the levels of toxic and potentially toxic metals in sediments from the Weija dam, Ghana. Elixir pollution 38, 4320-4324.
    • Sarfo D.K., Gollow A.A., Serfor-Armah Y. (2011). Activation Analysis of some elemental concentrations in Sediment and clam (Galatea Paradoxa) from the lower Volta basin in Ghana. Elixir Pollution 36, 3286-3292.

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