Theme Leads

  • Dr Emad Kiriakous

    Theme Lead: Nanosensors & Molecular Diagnostics

    Dr Emad Kiriakous was awarded his PhD degree in Chemistry from Cairo University 15 years ago. Since then he built a strong research profile in the areas of analytical chemistry, Raman spectroscopy and nanosesnors. In 2004, Dr Kiriakous left his position as a post doctoral research associate at QUT to...

  • Professor Godwin Ayoko

    Theme Lead: Environmental & Nanoanalytics

    Professor Ayoko was awarded his DPhil degree in Chemistry in 1986. After spending his early career working in developing countries Professor Ayoko joined QUT in 1999. Since that time he has built a significant profile in research, teaching and administration. During his career Professor Ayoko has authored/co-authored over 200 publications. Professor...

  • Professor Esa Jaatinen

    Theme Lead: Light & Nano Plasmonics

    My Research After completing my PhD in laser physics from ANU, I spent 8 years at CSIRO investigating nonlinear optical interactions to develop laser based measurement solutions for government and industrial clients. Through my contributions I was awarded the 2001 Iizuka prize for research contributions in metrology in the Asia-Pacific...

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