Our Facilities

Pride in Our Heritage

Most of our student and staff work spaces are located in the historic Brisbane Central Technical College heritage site. E Block, where most of our staff are located, was purpose built for teaching chemistry in 1914 and has maintained that purpose ever since.

Having undergone constant upgrades and extensions since its initial construction, E Block now contains various chemical and instrument laboratories, including two modern research laboratories along with various other teaching and research laboratories.

The historical importance of the former Brisbane Central Technical College precinct is recognised by QUT, with a major revitalization of the site planed. This will both preserve the historic buildings and offer social, economic, cultural and environmental returns.

E-Block GP (1914)
Original laboratories in E Block GP (1914)
The original sign, still above the door











Cutting Edge Facilities

In addition to the main Chemistry building, members of the MRS Group have access to various other facilities at QUT including:

  • PC2 (certified and un-certified) laboratories for working with biological samples
  • Various laser and optics laboratories, including one commissioned in 2018
  • Access to the Central Analytical Research Facility (CARF) and its equipment, located in the purpose-built Science and Engineering Centre
Organic Synthesis Laboratory, M-Block GP
Modern SEF Postgraduate Student workspace in heritage listed H-Block










The QUT Science and Engineering Centre (P-Block and Y-Block GP)
The Cube, one of the world’s largest interactive digital display systems
The Cube displaying Chem World, a program designed to teach chemistry and its fundamentals







Confidence in Our Future

QUT has recently announced its Estate Master Plan, a strategic framework that will ensure the our campuses social, environmental and financial sustainability while providing a vibrant and rewarding experience for students and staff. This flexible Estate Master Plan will enable QUT to adapt to emerging needs while continuing to be an attractive study destination for local and international students and an appealing working environment for academic and professional staff.

Concept images from the QUT Estate Master Plan 2018

Potential concept vision of development of the Riverside Entry Precinct, GP Campus
Potential concept vision from Herston Road angle development for the Lower Campus Precinct, KG Campus
concept vision of a future courtyard space between E an D Blocks, GP Campus