PhD Positions

Current PhD Projects

Applications are accepted from students worldwide:

Engineering the human osteocyte lacunocanalicular network in vitro

We are seeking a full-time, highly motivated PhD candidate to perform cutting-edge research in bone tissue engineering at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in the School of Biomedical Sciences. Applications open all year round. Find out more.

Shark cartilage: Biophysical, environmental and regenerative adaptations to hydrostatic pressure

We are seeking a highly motivated PhD candidate to investigate the biophysical, environmental and regenerative adaptations of shark cartilage in a range of species from shallow water to deep-sea. The project (based at La Trobe University, Melbourne) will assess healing processes of shark cartilage under different environmental conditions.

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Embedded bacterial 3D printing for synthetic biomaterial screening and production

This project (based at QUT) aims to realize a novel platform for screening and manufacturing artificial bacterial biopolymers with tuneable material properties. Embedded 3D printing will be used to print micro-droplets encapsulating bacterial cells and synthetic polysaccharide building blocks in a support gel bath. Applications open all year round. Find out more.