Professor Shaun P. Collin

Associated Member, La Trobe University

Professor Shaun P. Collin is the Dean of the School of Agriculture, Biomedicine and Environment (SABE) and the Co-Director of the AgriBioscience Centre at La Trobe University. Prior to joining La Trobe, he spent appreciable periods of time in Canada, the United States, Germany and Australia on a range of prestigious Research Fellowships (NH&MRC C. J. Martin, ARC QEII, Fulbright, Alexander von Humboldt, Grass) before he joined The University of Queensland as a Professor and Head of the School of Biomedical Sciences where he was for 10 years. He then joined The University of Western Australia (UWA) as a WA Premiers Fellow within the School of Animal Biology and the Oceans Graduate School, where he was later appointed the Director of the Oceans Institute. He took up his current appointment at La Trobe University in 2019. He heads the Neuroecology Group that investigates the neural basis of behaviour in both invertebrates and vertebrates, with special emphasis on sensory neurobiology. His Group investigates how light, sound, electromagnetic fields, water movement and odours are detected and used by a range of animals to mediate feeding, find reproductive partners, communicate and navigate within a diversity of (predominantly aquatic) environments. He uses morphological (including bioimaging), electrophysiological, molecular and behavioural approaches in a large range of species. Current projects include assessing ecotoxicological impacts on chemoreception in fishes, bioengineering of shark cartilage and audition in pelagic fishes and sharks. Prof. Collin has published over 335 publications including 13 books/Edited Journal Issues, 29 Book Chapters, 255 journal articles, 14 films/documentaries/exhibitions and 10 Government Reports with an h-index of 61, an i10 index of 211 and over 11,000 citations and sits on the Editorial Boards of 5 international journals. He has previously sat on the College of Experts Panel for the ARC and has close associations with both the WA and Victorian State Governments.