Dr Hakan Ceylan

Associated Investigator, Mayo Clinic

Dr. Ceylan is an expert in small-scale robotics with a focused interest in medical microrobots. In February 2022, he founded the Minimally Invasive and Autonomous Systems Lab at Mayo Clinic, which focuses on cutting-edge research at the intersections of robotics, materials science, and nanotechnology. His lab has a multidisciplinary composition: a team of scientists, engineers, and medical doctors develop new approaches to overcome roadblocking challenges in minimally invasive procedures, targeted delivery, cell therapies, and tissue engineering.

Before joining Mayo Clinic as an Assistant Professor, Dr. Ceylan worked as a Senior Scientist at Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Germany. He was an associate fellow of Max Planck – ETH Zurich (Switzerland) Center for Learning Systems for seven years between 2015-2022 and was a College-for-Life-Sciences fellow of Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. He won the 15th Günter Petzow Prize, an annually given award for outstanding materials science research by the sponsorship of Volkswagen AG and Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft. He won several best papers, best talk, and science-as-art awards. His inventions have resulted in two granted one pending patents, and over thirty publications in leading multidisciplinary journals, including Science Robotics, Advanced Materials, Science Advances, Advanced Functional Materials, Nature Communications, and ACS Nano. He gave invited talks and lectures in universities, research institutes, and forums worldwide. PC Magazine featured his bioengineered microrobot project among “5 amazing projects that will change the future of healthcare.”



Email: ceylan.hakan@mayo.edu