Agathe Bessot

PhD Student, QUT


Agathe Bessot is a PhD student in the School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Health, at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), in Brisbane, Australia. She is working on the role of bone marrow fat in advanced prostate cancer using bioengineered humanised models, in the Bone and Tumour Bioengineering Research group, led by Dr Nathalie Bock. Her aim is to create relevant humanised bone metastatic in vitro and in vivo models to understand the complex crosstalk between adipocytes and prostate cancer bone metastases, as well as developing drug testing platforms for bone cancer studies. Agathe started her research career with an internship at QUT, in Dr Bock’s group, working on humanised 3D bone models. This was part of a double Masters Degree between Polytech Marseille (School of Engineering) and the Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences, Aix Marseille University, France. In 2020, after graduating from a Biological Engineering Master (MEng) and a Master in Health Biology (MSc), she joined QUT, where she is completing her PhD under the supervision of Dr Bock and Dr Jacqui McGovern, both MPQC PIs. Agathe’s contribution in MPQC is within the Human ECM program, focused on biomaterials strategies to recreate and understand the human bone microenvironment.