MPQC Co-Director Professor Hutmacher and his interdisciplinary team impactful translational research acknowledged by Advance Queensland

Metro North Health surgeons in Brisbane recently carried out a world-first trial of new technology replacing a woman’s silicone breast implants with 3D printed bioresorbable scaffolds that use the body’s natural regenerative capabilities.

The technology is based on over 10 years of fundamental and preclinical research led by Professor Dieter Hutmacher and an interdisciplinary team from QUT, the Herston Biofabrication Institute, Metro North Health’s Comprehensive Breast Cancer Institute, German-based medtech company BellaSeno, and many other partners, who set out to provide a safer alternative to permanent silicone implants.

Professor Hutmacher and his team used cutting-edge 3D printer technology to develop the biodegradable scaffold that guides the biological regeneration of a woman’s breast.

Professor Hutmacher said: ‘Like some of us I love this quote from Leonardo da Vinci “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”; and it still after 20 years in academia it punctually resonates in me. Unquestionably, the concept of simplicity is central to the work we do in bench to bedside translation. Too many research groups create tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TE&RM) concepts that are the opposite of simple—they are confusing, complicated, and never ending. Paradoxically, crafting a simple bench to bedside road map in TE&RM requires knowledge, effort, skill, dedication, experience…. not of the individual yet the interdisciplinary team as a unit. Yes, it’s relatively easy to publish a study, but we’d rather develop translational research programs which outcome is sophisticated and beautiful…simple.’

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Paper Invitation for journal Biomedicines – Special Issue “Human ECM in Homeostasis and Pathology”

In collaboration with the journal Biomedicines (Impact factor 4.757), Dr Amaia Cipitria and Associate Professor Larisa Haupt organize the Special Issue: “Human ECM in Homeostasis and Pathology”, which is now open for submission of manuscripts. They invite you to contribute a full research paper or review article for peer-review and possible publication. As Guest Editors, they believe your contribution will have a great impact on the scientific contents.

More details can be found at:

The submission deadline is 31 March 2023. This year is the 10th anniversary of Biomedicines. It is planned to grant waivers for those high-quality papers. If you have interest, please send the detailed information of your paper including “Title”; “Authors”; “Affiliations”; “Abstract”and your planned submission date to Amaia Cipitria and Larisa Haupt.

In case you need any further information, please never hesitate to contact the editorial office ( or ).

Seminar – Distinguished Professor Dietmar W. Hutmacher (8 July 2022)

MPQC Co-Director Distinguished Professor Dietmar W. Hutmacher visits MPQC Associated Investigator Dr Amaia Cipitria in her lab at Biodonostia, Health Research Institute in San Sebastian, Spain for his talk ‘Cognoscenti Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine’.








MPQC members present their work at the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) meeting in Krakow, Poland – (28 June to 1 July 2022)

Several MPQC members, including student Silvia Cometta-Conde and principal investigators Distinguished Professor Dietmar W. Hutmacher, Dr Flavia Medeiros-Savi and Dr Nathalie Bock, enjoyed a rich program at the TERMIS-Europe 2022 meeting in Poland, June 2022.

Spanning from cutting-edge science in cell biology, biomaterials, biofabrication, 3D tissues and organs development, numerical and experimental methods, clinical applications, and many more, our MPQC members presented their own work in the field via posters and oral presentations.

D/Prof Dietmar W. Hutmacher presented a commending Keynote Lecture on the ‘Perspectives and Challenges in Regenerative Medicine’ on the last day of the meeting.


SBS Radio Interview – Distinguished Professor Dietmar W. Hutmacher (29 April 2022)

Dietmar Hutmacher
MPQC Co-Director Distinguished Professor Dietmar W. Hutmacher gives SBS correspondent Katharina Loesche an insight into the research tasks of the Centre.‎

The interview (in German) can be listened to online at SBS Deutsch.


Inaugural speech to launch Max Planck Queensland Centre (3 February 2022)

Martin Strattman
Professor Doctor Martin Stratmann, President of the Max Planck Society, delivered an inspiring inaugural speech to launch the Max Planck Queensland Centre (MPQC) on the 3rd February 2022.


You can watch the presentation below: