A selection of our seminars


Sabine Carter: A story of love and loss: an investigation into ecological grief and artistic activism

Masters graduand Sabine Carter talks about her project and practice in eco-artivism

20 February 2024


In the global accelerating ecological and climate crisis, feelings of ecological grief and climate anxiety are on the rise. Environmental artists and activists such as the Extinction Rebellion, use art to express environmentally related feelings of love and connectedness as well as grief and despair. This practice-led study explores the effects of ‘eco-artivism’ on the mental wellbeing of artists, activists, and communities. It does so through creating handmade artefacts, engaging with communities and interviewing ‘eco-artivists’. The results show that in a business-as-usual scenario that leads to global heating and ecocide with negative effects on mental health, ‘eco-artivism’ has the capacity to give agency, connect communities and contribute to resilience and mental wellbeing.


Brisbane Transformed: More-than-Human Responses to Meeanjin’s Future

A Community Symposium hosted by the QUT More-than-Human Futures research group held in conjunction with the Green Institute Conference 2023

Sunday, 20th August 2023, 9am – 4pm ; OJW Functions Space, S-Block Level 12, QUT Gardens Point campus

This one-day symposium brings together local community members, academics, and politicians to discuss and explore pressing issues affecting Brisbane’s future. The symposium consists of four panel discussions that delve into specific topics of local concern, focusing on the Barrambin / Victoria Park redevelopment, the controversial Lumina light show proposed for Mount Coot-tha, the problem of excessive noise pollution from Brisbane’s flight paths, and the climate-positive approach to the upcoming Brisbane Olympics 2032.

The symposium seeks to engage participants in thoughtful conversations and promote more-than-human responses, considering the wellbeing of both humans and non-humans in shaping Brisbane’s future. Through collaborative dialogue and exchange of ideas, the event aims to foster innovative approaches and actionable solutions for a genuinely sustainable and inclusive Meeanjin (Brisbane).



Pirjo Haikola: Urchins and Corals – More-Than-Human design for the ocean

Underwater designer and advocate Pirjo Haikola discusses her More-Than-Human, regenerative ocean, and experimental material design works

2 August 2023, Z9 QUT Kelvin Grove

Dr. Pirjo Haikola is an ‘underwater designer’, researcher, diving instructor, sailor, and ocean advocate. She is a Lecturer at RMIT University and a collaborator in the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program for the Great Barrier Reef. In this talk Pirjo discusses her More-Than-Human and regenerative design projects, spanning from exhibitions and events aiming to increase ocean literacy, to collaborating in marine conservation projects through design and material innovation.

For Pirjo, marine species and ecosystems are stakeholders and clients. One of her recent projects, the Urchin Corals installation and films, commissioned for the NGV 2020 International Triennial, brings to the surface issues in Port Phillip Bay and at the Great Barrier reef showing transition from healthy, vibrant, and biodiverse ecosystems to barren wastelands. The Urchin Corals is also an example of how material experimentation for exhibitions has led to research collaboration, in this case with the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program (RRAP) for the Great Barrier Reef. RRAP is the world’s largest effort to protect an ecosystem from climate change. With a team of 360+ scientists the program is a collaboration between science, design, and engineering for a nonhuman client – the corals.